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Tuesday Evenings
October 27th, November 3rd 10th, 5-7 pm GMT
(Corona Special) Workshop Cost: £50, €55
Refer a friend get 20% off 
Sign up 14 days before the next workshop get 10% off
Monday Evenings
October 12th, Oct 26th at 5-7 pm GMT
Sign up 6 days in advance. 
Dope-in Cost: £20, €22
Online Coaching £35, €40
Includes 1 self-tape critique
What you get
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What you focus on expands, creativity begets creativity, if you want to be a working actor the best way to start is by doing the work. Continually level up. Consciously make room in your life for success.

“The continuing job of learning to find out who you really are, of learning to pinpoint your responses—and even more important, the myriad, consequent behaviorisms which result—will help you begin to fill your warehouse with sources upon which to draw for the construction of a character.”― Uta Hagen

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