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Pull Up Your Acting Socks

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

After climbing the metaphorical sheer rock wall of a mountain for years, it now feels like I am finally getting a leg up; as if all my sweating fumbling efforts at the bottom have somehow sprouted footholds at the top. Don't be afraid to walk towards discomfort. I think that's part of being an artist. Discomfort is the door to freedom, to revelation, that's the nature of growth. If you see that opening, do not hesitate, even though you may be been torn in two directions between (hidden) loyalties to your past and the realization of your blueprint, your potential. You may have to leave whatever weighs you down behind to achieve lift-off. Struggle now will bloom into flowers later. It will only feel impossible up until the moment you begin, one foot in front of the other. In my body, I've known what is right all along, the trick is getting to that moment of recognition, keep listening to your body for recognition. After the violence of birth, be gentle, you are allowed to be a tender newborn. Acknowledging my own worth makes me feel giddy. Makes me feel abundant and easily generous. Makes me relax. Makes me see the full goodness of others.

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