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Why Scene Study 12.18.19

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Why Scene Study?  With this class, I want to create something that doesn't seem to exist in London, and that is Acting as a Lifestyle. A dancer must continue to drill those new routines, musicians must keep up with their nimble scales. There needs to be a place for actors to flex their skills too. It's so important to get those creative hours in every week, to have a disciplined practice and a commitment to the work. Scene Study is the best way to build that muscle so that you are always ready for any opportunity. It's where we go to check in with our creativity and reaffirm our love of the craft. Those few precious minutes in the audition room between jobs are not enough to sustain our art-hungry souls, and as actors, we can not afford to get out of practice or ever stop growing. Training is part of recognizing that we are in this game for the long haul, it's part of actively caring about the integrity of the Art.  Let's get these stories told! 

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