If a picture is worth a thousand words then a moving picture is worth between 24 and 30 frames a second times that. You do the math. 

You're a savvy entrepreneur and you know that the best way to reach people is through a video promoting your business. You want your potential clients to get a feel for what you offer, not only in terms of your unique ideas and brilliant implementation methods, but you want to connect with them, you want to give them a real sense for Who You Are, you want them to be hooked.

BUT where to begin.... ?


Let's make the perfect promo video for your business. 

Entrepreneurs on Camera
Screen Presence for Non-Actors

What does it take to make a good video promoting yourself and your business with minimal technology at hand?


How do you "act natural" in front of the camera in what seems like a very unnatural situation?


How do you convey important information about your company while presenting the best version of yourself?


And what on earth are you supposed to be doing with your hands during all this?

Learn how to break down the elements of body, mind and technical set up to clearly and calmly tell your story.

Free 20 minute skype counseling session

1-hour coaching £60

or €70

Annelise coached me in a very fun, warm, and supporting way during my first video production for my website. She is very passionate about helping you to make a good film. She made the session very enjoyable for me with her energy and motivation and I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get their video game up to speed!

Eva Schneider

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“TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO, BUT FIRST SHOW IT. This is the equivalent of saying "deeds, and not words, are what count most.”
― Napoleon Hill