Alex McMorran

"Annelise is a great acting coach because she is both supportive and challenging. She helps enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses through her personalized (and sometimes unexpected) choice of material, her keen and careful observation, and her pithy and usable advice. I recommend her to actors of any level of experience!"

Pauline Superville

"I needed some support to prepare an audition and Annelise quickly understood how she could help me as a coach. She knows what she is talking about and uses all her different experiences as a professional actress. She is precise in her directions. She is clever and sensitive in analyzing the character's psychology as well as organizing the arch of the scene. She is super supportive and positive but she will definitely challenge you if she thinks you need more work. You can really count on her. She gives lots of freedom to the professional actor, creating an open space for experimenting and training. I really recommend her!"

Phoebe Batterson-Brown

"If you’re an actor looking to sharpen your skills and play in a safe space with dedicated professionals, I couldn’t recommend this class more highly. It’s rare that you find a class where you feel so empowered after it from being nurtured and pushed to your performative capacity in a totally encouraging way. Annelise structures the class brilliantly, pairing you with a partner and a brilliant scene for your casting, then allowing you to explore it fully and truthfully- she doesn’t try and teach you, she just allows you to bring out your best- and she will call out any BS! I haven’t got this much out of an acting class since leaving drama school, and it’s just the kind of class London is missing right now! Actors, get yourself there!!"

Lyndsey Huebner

"Annelise is a highly perceptive and endlessly generous director and facilitator. She and her classes provide a much-needed antidote to the isolation that many London actors can feel. Even with all this warmth, she has no issue cutting through the bullshit. I leave every session a better actor."  

Lisa Garvey

"Annelise creates such a warm and welcoming environment where everyone can feel safe to play. Her gentle guidance and clear advice are invaluable. This was the first class I've been to where doing a monologue felt easy, smooth. Like swimming through clear water instead of crawling through seaweed. I like getting direction. I can work with direction. It’s much more helpful to me. I’m beyond excited to continue working with her!" 

Alex Guersman

"Studio Bianchini is the perfect place for those actors who’ve had some training in the past and want to continue to deepen their craft. Annelise’s warm and direct energy allows for discovery and a sense of play while nudging you in the right direction (without telling you the answer). It's great to have a place to go to keep acting that's not just auditioning, I see a difference in my confidence level already. All the material is hand-picked for you and with a lot of care, I had a great time overall! Would %100 recommend!"

Vikki Thomson

"I have loved all of Annelise's classes but this last one was particularly good and has affected me a lot. There was such an amazing energy and I learned so much – each time I worked on my scene, it felt like it went deeper really quickly. I really value how Annelise gives each actor a really personal approach, focusing on each detail and how this just transforms the performance. I realized the other day that over the last 12 years I have had 17 different acting teachers and without a doubt, she is one of the very best. I feel really lucky to be attending her classes, and I am looking forward to exploring what we have worked on further. Thank you, Annelise, for creating a truly enriching and fulfilling experience."

Valia Katsis

"Annelise's Online Workshops are great because she is so meticulous. Annelise helps you dig deeper for every step of the process. Her direction will leave you with rich and useful material to work with in terms of characterization, text exploration, as well as learning essential self-tape techniques." 

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